Who we are?

I have more then fifteen years of experience in the IT industry. My main focuse of interest is Embedded System Engineering – R&D of various hardware and software simple and complex gadgets and devices. Recently I got pretty much hyped by Agriculture and Controlled-environment agriculture.

Miroslav Roussenov /Owner and Cofounder/

I am Electrical Design Engineer. I’ve been working on various projects like large-scale mission critical facilities electrical infrastructure systems. In my work I’ve been using dose of technologies:: mission critical power equipment, paralleling switchgear, redundant uninterruptible power supply systems, DC battery strings, etc. And two years ago together with my friend we got to the idea of creating better LED based grow lamp. Yes, it turned out we have some passion for horticulture, in general, and especially Controlled-environment agriculture.

Valeri Stanchev/Owner and Cofounder/

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