Our company is dedicated to provide professional IT services in the field of Embedded System Software and Hardware R&D.

Technologies we are proficient in include:

  • Hardware and Software R&D of sophisticated single and multi processor systems based on ARM Cortex-M, Cortex-A, Cortex-R, ARM7TDMI, ARM9, ARM11, Atmel 8, AVR32 bit, Motorola 68xx, Intel 8051, Intel 80×86 processor architectures;

  • R&D of telecommunication system based on ZigBee/802.15.4, TCP/IP, VoIP related protocol stacks;

  • Development of DSP algorithms based on DSPs from TI (TMS320C54xx, TMS320C6xxx, etc.) , Analog Devices (ADSP-21xx, BlackFin, SHARC),  Motorola(DSP56800), Lucent (DSP16, DSP32);

  • Image Processing R&D based on OpenCV image processing stack;

  • Automotive electronics design complying with MISRCA-C, ISO26262, OSEK/VDX standards;

  • Porting of various RTOS (TI DSP/BIOS, uC-OS, FreeRTOS, QNX) on various processor architectures;

  • Smart Card Embedded system development based on Java Card Standard 3.0, GlobalPlatform;

  • Linux Device Driver development;

We provide also electrical engineer services in Telecommunication and  Infrastructure equipment

Installation, supervision, implementation, maintenance and design of DC, UPS & DG power system:

  • UPS systems “Emerson”, “AEG”, “Accupower”, “Socomec” (from 700vA up to 200kVA);

  • DC power system “Emersson – Netsure 701”, “Delta”, “Eltek” from 2kW up to 32KW;

  • Diesel Generators “Teksan”, “Sunlight”, “FG Whilson” (from 10kVA up to 2MVA);

  • Construction of distribution systems 10kV and 20kV;

  • Implementation and design of solar park equipment.

  • Electrical equipment of industrial enterprises and residential buildings;

  • Creation and coordinate the maintenance and safety procedures, service schedule, and supply of materials required to maintain electrical equipment;

  • Installation and design of Double floor (rised floor) in Data Canters;

  • Consulting over Data Canters TEAR standardization( Tier 1 / Tier 2 / Tier 3 / Tier 4 );

  • Instillation and design of cabinets (telecom Racks 19”, 21”, etc.) over Double floor for IT, PS & CS core, RAN  and transport equipment;

  • Installation and design of Cable Trays for Electrical, cooper and optical cables in Data Centers;

  • Operation and maintenance of facility electrical systems in (Critical Data Centers): power distribution, lighting, grounding, fire alarm, security, life safety systems, and controls;

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