High efficient lightning device, based on high brightness LEDs. This equipment is used in horticulture for plant growing. It provides high spectrum/irradiation power/efficiency index. Device is equipped with smart micro controller, providing precise control over lightning spectrum and irradiation power.

Technologies used:

  • High power, high brightness LED control;

  • Smart MCU (8-bit Atmega) control, providing: multi functional Timer/Calendar mode selection, Smart energy efficient fan cooling control, Color Spectrum Equalizer – precise, independent, dimmable color adjustment;

  • WiFi/ZigBee feature – provides remote device control. IoT capable ready;

  • Smart Phone application – provides smart phone remote control.

Plant Irrigation System Controller

Automated Embedded System used for real-time irrigation of growing plants. Automatically irrigates plants in question, by precise monitoring of soil moisture. Mixes

required nutrients from predefined recipe. Predefined alarms for nutrient low level, main water tank low level. Status information for water tank level, current nutrient level, soil moisture level, pH level, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).

Technologies used:

  • ARM Cortex-M0 based MCU;

  • LCD graphic display;

  • FreeRTOS RTOS;

  • CAN Interface Communication;

Plant Irrigation System Controller

People Counting embedded system, used to count people entering/leaving stores. Based on Embedded Linux Controller, Embedded Zig/Bee module. People sensing technology used is based on thermo imaging. Sensor tracks people by distinguishing their temperature from ambient one.

Technologies used:

  • Atmel 8-bit AVR;

  • Linux App programming on C/C++, TCP/IP sockets;

  • ZigBee Embedded Module communication;

  • Linux shell script programming;

  • Python script programming;

Packaging Machine Embedded Industrial Controller 

MCU Atmega 8-bit AVR based industrial controller used to control goods packaging machine. This equipment packs various goods (bottle stacks, small snacks boxes, etc) with thin thermoplastic foil. MCU controller controls speed of the packing machine conveying belt. It displays various parameters of the machine and sets up appropriate mode of operation. Industrial Controller monitors oven temperature and maintains proper values from the preset packaging mode templates.

Technologies used:

  • Atmel 8-bit AVR Xmega family;

  • FreeRTOS Real-Time Operating system;

  • LCD Graphical Interface control;

  • ADC based temperature sensing;

Parallel installation of UPS system (3+1; 2+1; 1+1) plus grid and Diesel Generators

Medium Voltage 20 to 0,4KV Schneder with two transformers 2x630kVA;

Main ATS between DG and Grid;

UPS system (3x80kVA+80kVA) for full electrical interruption protection;

Battery strings for two hour backup redundancy on full UPS Load;

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